Over the years I’ve had a number of development deals for animated TV shows. Below is a selection of materials from those projects.

Unsolved Histories, an animated pilot/presentation for Paramount Plus, produced by CBS Studios, Party Over Here (The Lonely Island’s production company) and 219 Productions. Created by comedian and writer Joe Mande. Directed by Arthur Jones. Voices by Beck Bennett, Greta Lee and Megalyn Echikunwoke. (Full credits within the vimeo link).

Backstory: Nuclear physicist Dr. Juwon Park has just invented the world’s first-ever time machine. It allows users to travel their own genetic timelines and inhabit the bodies of their ancestors. Juwon’s goal is to pinpoint specific moments in history that, if altered slightly, could positively change the arc of mankind. Unfortunately for, well, literally everyone on Earth—living and dead—this untested technology has been hijacked by Colby McSmith, a Las Vegas stripper, failed energy drink spokesman and all-around dirt bag, who wants to go back in time to re-seduce his ex-girlfriend, Kim Plimpton. Now mankind’s survival depends on the world’s most brilliant physicist being able to mend Colby and Kim’s relationship, as they fight and fuck and fight and fuck their way through history.

Eternally Yours was created by the writers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, the comedic duo behind CBS’s hit show Ghosts. Eternally Yours was intended to be an animated suburban sitcom with a paranormal twist. I worked with the team at CBS Studios to develop the characters and concept.
Junior Commander was a sci-fi concept developed for Cartoon Network. It’s the story of Cyrus, a boy stranded on an asteroid made of space junk. The asteroid ping-pongs around the universe colliding with everything from planets to wormholes causing all sorts of trouble.
Grubstien & Grubstien was meant to be a “gentrification comedy” about two brothers, Jay and Doug Grubstien, who inherit a crumbling brownstone populated by old-school New York eccentrics. Do the brothers $ell the building or work with the insane tenants to build an even more insane community? The script was written with Karl Ackermann and assisted by EP John Lee.
Kids Like Us was developed at Fox Animation Studios. It was about a family in which the parents were obsessed with staying hip and youthful and their kids couldn’t care less. Made in collaboration with Karl Ackermann and Jon Bryski.